Kyocera Presents Home Energy Management System

29 Mar 2012

Technology group and solar energy pioneer Kyocera has developed a new energy solution for the generation and storage of solar energy and heat. The concept combines photovoltaics with a lithium-ion battery, as well as a fuel cell and an intelligent energy management system (EMS).

In a home, solar power produced by PV panels on the roof can be stored by means of a lithium-ion battery and used at any time, regardless of sunlight. A cogeneration fuel cell is also installed in the home to produce electricity and heat from natural gas. The electricity can be stored in the battery whereas the heat is used directly for hot water and to support space heating. The EMS individually regulates the energy flows between the energy producers, energy users and the national power grid. At peak consumption periods, the EMS ensures stored power is used before grid power. It also ensures a continuous power supply during grid outages.

Kyocera developed the fuel cell in cooperation with Osaka Gas, Aisin, Chofu and Toyota. It is applying its decades of experience in fine ceramics technology to produce the cell stacks. The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) operates at 700 to 750 °C with a heat efficiency of 46.5% (LHV) and an overall energy efficiency of 90%.

Kyocera will present the system at Intersolar Europe in Munich in June.

Reference: Kyocera


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