Horizon and Arcola Energy to Launch UK-based Global Fuel Cell Product Integration Platform

01 Mar 2012

Arcola story

Singaporean Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and London-based Arcola Energy have formed an exclusive partnership in which Arcola will provide deployment, customisation and integration support to companies launching Horizon fuel cell powered products in the UK. Arcola’s London fuel cell integration platform spans applications from small portable to small transport scale.

In another move of commitment to UK technology, Horizon is to begin using Johnson Matthey HiSPEC® MEAs in a next generation 12 W–5 kW XP-series stack – the new MEA, together with several design optimisations, make the new stacks more efficient, lighter and more compact with a longer lifetime.

UK companies currently using Horizon stacks in their products, such as BOC with its Hymera portable generator and Riversimple with its lightweight urban car concept (above), will soon benefit from the improved stacks. The partnership between Horizon and Arcola, as well as the improved stacks, should attract an increasing number of Horizon-powered, Arcola-integrated fuel cell products to be launched from the UK into Horizon’s well-established fuel cell distribution network, which already spans 45 countries.

Source: Rewritten from a joint press release issued by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and Arcola Energy.

Media contact: Dr Ben Todd (ben@arcolaenergy.com)

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