High V.LO-City: New EU Fuel Cell Bus Project Launches

28 Mar 2012

High V.LO-City

A new five year fuel cell bus project has launched with a budget of €31.5 million, co-financed by the FCH JU. The project, High V.LO-City, sees three European regions each deploying five fuel cell hybrid buses into daily service under the differing environmental and route conditions found in each region, below:

Country Region City
Belgium Flanders Brussels
Italy Liguria Imperia
United Kingdom Scotland Aberdeen

The project was inaugurated on the 23rd March by the president of the Provincia di Imperia, Luigi Sappa, who indicated how projects such as High V.LO-City demonstrate public transport authorities of all sizes beginning to recognise fuel cell technology as a mature technology for use in buses. Fuel Cell Today reported in January that Aberdeen City Council was backing a major hydrogen transport project.

References: HyER; CORDIS

Image: HyER

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