German Federal Army Approves EMILY 2200 Fuel Cell

07 Mar 2012

Emily2200SFC Energy AG has announced its Emily 2200 range of portable power solutions received the Certificate of Approval from the German Federal Army to provide portable power to the German Armed Forces. The Bundeswehr Technical Center for Automotive and Armoured Vehicles (WTD 41) awarded the certificate on behalf of the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement.

Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG, said: “The Bundeswehr Certificate of Approval for EMILY 2200 is an important milestone for us. The excellent test results of our fuel cell again confirm SFC’s technological competence and innovative power. And our customers in the industry and the consumer markets will also benefit from this.”

The EMILY 2200 was designed specifically for the defence industry; it is fully automatic, silent and can be used as a stand-alone generator or a vehicle based power source.

More information on the EMILY 2200 is available at

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