FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Car can Power an Average Home for Six Days

28 Mar 2012

Clarity Inverter

FCX DashHonda has installed an inverter in the boot of one of its FCX Clarity fuel cell cars so that it can output power; the automaker claims the vehicle can supply up to 9 kW electricity continuously for more than seven hours on a full tank of hydrogen – an output that could power an average Japanese home for six days. The car has been delivered to the Saitama Prefecture government, where it has also installed a solar-powered hydrogen station.

Power shortages in Japan following last year’s natural disaster and subsequent nuclear plant shutdowns has heightened interest in the use of electric vehicles as emergency power supplies for houses. Nissan demonstrated this concept with its Leaf-to-Home concept last year, which claimed to be able to power an average household for two days; because battery electric vehicles only store electricity rather than generate it they cannot offer the same versatility as fuel cell electric vehicles in this unique but important niche application.

References: Honda; Asia Pulse via Dow Jones Factiva

Images: FCX Clarity with power supply system, and FCX Clarity dashboard (Source: Honda)

Industry Directory: Honda

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