Klaus Bonhoff Interviewed on German Hydrogen Infrastructure Plans

28 Jun 2012

Klaus BonhoffIn its online version, German newspaper Zeit has published an interview with Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director of the German National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW). In it Bonhoff discusses German plans for hydrogen infrastructure deployment. Currently 50 stations are planned for 2015 (deemed sufficient for initial FCEV demand), rising to 1,000 hydrogen stations by 2025, Bonhoff said. This would be sufficient to provide nationwide coverage and current plans are for the government to offer financial support for the initial tranche of stations – money it hopes can be paid back at a later date. From 2025, infrastructure is expected to grow hand-in-hand with growth of the fuel cell vehicle fleet.

Bonhoff continued by adding that if you consider one third of primary energy use in the country is for the transport sector, and the country is spending €200 billion more per year now than it did ten years ago, investment in a hydrogen infrastructure will pay off. He also added that current methods of hydrogen production from natural gas will not be viable sources in the future, and that development of electrolysis and the use of hydrogen to store excess electricity as a transport fuel will be required. The full interview (in German) can be read here.

Source Zeit online (in German)


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