Japanese Commercial Hydrogen Station Specification to be Tested at Two New Stations in FY2012

22 Jun 2012

Suginami FC2000

A Japanese commercial hydrogen station specification will be demonstrated this fiscal year by HySUT with the launch of two new hydrogen stations in Nagoya and Ebina. The stations will be used to test and evaluate commercial operation, equipment specifications, licensing procedures, and construction.

Interestingly, both of the sites will also be petrol stations supplying gasoline to incumbent vehicles. The ability to install hydrogen pumps at existing petrol stations offers an advantageous infrastructure build-up model as these are already situated in strategic locations across the country; unclear and over-compensative hydrogen setback distances have been a hindrance to this model in the past.

Two different station formats will be evaluated. At the Ebina station, hydrogen will be reformed and compressed to 450 bar off-site and trucked to the station for further compression, storage and dispensing. At the Nagoya station LPG is trucked to the station with reforming and compression taking place on-site. The Ebina station will offer 350 and 700 bar refuelling, Nagoya will offer just 700 bar.

HySUT, The Research Association of Hydrogen Supply/Utilisation Technology, is an industry grouping of eighteen companies and organisations. Established in July 2009, its aim is to establish hydrogen supply infrastructure in Japan and improve the hydrogen business environment.

Its members are: JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation; Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.; Iwatani Corporation; Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.; Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.; Saibu Gas Co., Ltd.; Showa Shell Sekiyu. K.K.; Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation; Toko Gas Co., Ltd.; Toho Gas Co., Ltd.; Toyota Motor Corporation; Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Air Liquide Japan Ltd.; Honda R&D CO., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaishi, Ltd.; Engineering Advancement Association of Japan; Japan Petroleum Energy Center.

Reference: HySUT (Japanese)

Image: A hydrogen station in Suginami (Source: Fuel Cells 2000)

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