ITM Power and GHR Join Forces to Offer 700 bar Hydrogen Refuelling Solution in Germany

29 Jun 2012

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ITM Power and GHR Hochdruck-Reduziertechnik (GHR) have signed an agreement to collaborate on 700 and 350 bar hydrogen refuelling products for the emerging German fuel cell electric automotive market.

GHR has several years’ experience developing and selling mobile hydrogen dispensers in Germany; the agreement will see the integration of a GHR dispenser and several other of its high-grade components (fluid control and pressurised systems) with an ITM Power electrolysis-driven hydrogen generation system. The product will fully address the requirement for renewable hydrogen at 700 bar pressure in Germany – the pressure agreed upon for commercial fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) by the world’s major automakers. The initial product will be used for demonstrations and tendering before a product roll out in line with vehicle growth in Germany.

The German market is one of the most advanced for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies in Europe and is a natural choice for ITM Power to provide vehicle refuelling solutions to. Working with a German partner with complementary technologies is advantageous for quick market entry, ITM Power CTO Dr Simon Bourne noted when speaking to Fuel Cell Today on the collaboration.

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