CLEAN MOB: Promoting Clean Mobility Solutions at EUSEW 2012

19 Jun 2012

EU Sustainable Energy Week logoThe EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2012, taking place from 18 to 22 June, is greening its trips while promoting existing low-carbon and carbon-dioxide-free mobility solutions. In collaboration with AVERE (the European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel cell Electric Vehicles), the EHA (European Hydrogen Association), the FCH-JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking) and HyER (Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions), EUSEW 2012 has set up the ‘CLEAN MOB’ partnership. This is a collaboration including several car manufacturers to promote clean vehicles and to offer stakeholders, media and the general public the opportunity to drive and ride in low-carbon vehicles.

 The CLEAN MOB fleet is composed of 14 vehicles branded with the EUSEW logo, including plug-in, hybrid, fuel cell and extended range electric cars plus one hydrogen fuel cell bus. In particular it includes:

  • 1 × F-CELL B-class (Daimler) 
  • 1 × Opel Ampera (General Motors)
  • 2 × ix35 FCEV (Hyundai)
  • 3 × LEAF (Nissan)
  • 2 × 3008 HYbrid4 (Peugeot)
  • 2 × 508 RXH (Peugeot)
  • 1 × Twizy (Renault)
  • 1 × Fluence ZE (Renault)
  • 1 × fuel cell hybrid bus (Van Hool)

Here are some of the activities of the CLEAN MOB during the EUSEW 2012:

Ø  A fuel cell bus for the study visit of Brussels Environment (19 June, 2.30 pm)

Thanks to the EUSEW Secretariat and CLEAN MOB partners, IBGE, the environmental agency of the Brussels Capital Region will benefit from a free fuel cell bus, provided by Van Hool, for their site visit to clean buildings around Brussels.

Ø  Clean transport to the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Ceremony (19 June, 6 pm)

The CLEAN MOB fleet will be transporting the winners to the Awards ceremony which will take place at the Theatre de Vaudeville on June 19.

Ø  CLEAN MOB fleet parked in front of the Charlemagne Building (19 to 21 June)

The CLEAN MOB fleet will take it in turn to have one of their cars parked outside the Charlemagne Building throughout the day.

 Ø  Drive & Ride (21 June 2012, 9am to 5pm)

Stakeholders, media and general public will have the unique opportunity to drive cars of the CLEAN MOB fleet during the whole day of Thursday 21st June, in a Royal Location! The entire fleet will be parked at the Palais des Académies, Rue Ducale 1 for the day and will be ready for the public to drive around the Place Royale.  Pre-registration is advised via the EUSEW website or email:

 Ø  CLEAN MOB Press Conference (21 June, 5:30 to 6:30pm)

A press conference and cocktail will take place following the Drive & Ride at the Palais des Académies, giving the opportunity for all partners of CLEAN MOB to express their vision of clean mobility and share their experiences of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.


Source: EHA


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