6 MW Bloom Fuel Cell Installation to Provide Prime Power for eBay’s New Data Centre

21 Jun 2012

eBay Christiano Betta

Online commerce giant eBay has announced that it plans to build the next part of its flagship Utah data centre with 30 Bloom Energy Servers incorporated into the energy architecture providing 6 MW of power; the new data centre on the Utah site will be grid connected, but only for backup purposes.

With this move eBay is replacing the large and expensive backup generators and UPS systems it has historically used and utilised for less than 1% of the year with efficient cost-effective fuel cell systems that operate cleanly and continuously.

Fuelled with renewable biogas and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the 200 kW Energy Server solid oxide fuel cell systems will each provide 1.75 million kWh of electricity per year, 52.5 million kWh annually in total. They will be installed just a few hundred feet from the data centre itself, almost eradicating transmission losses.

When the system comes online in mid-2013 it will be the USA’s largest non-utility fuel cell installation, an accolade previously held by Apple’s upcoming installation at its North Carolina data centre.

“We believe the future of commerce can be greener,” said John Donahoe, President and CEO of eBay Inc. “Technology-led innovation is changing retail and revolutionizing how people shop and pay. We also want to revolutionize how shopping is powered. We are embracing disruptive energy technology and designing it into our core data center energy architecture. Running our data centers primarily on reliable, renewable energy, we intend to shape a future for commerce that is more environmentally sustainable at its core.”

eBay has previously installed a 500 kW Bloom solution at its San Jose headquarters and is committed to doing ‘cleaner, greener business’; other initiatives include LEED certified buildings and solar arrays.

Reference: eBay

Image: Christiano Betta/Flickr

Industry Directory: Bloom Energy

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