UK Government Increases Micro-CHP Feed-In Tariff; Fuel Cell Systems such as BlueGen to Benefit

23 Jul 2012

BlueGen Studio

The UK Government announced on Friday 20 July that to encourage the growth of micro-CHP it will increase the applicable feed-in tariff, from a total of 14.2 pence per kilowatt hour to 17 pence per kWh, comprising:

• A generation tariff, increased from 11.0 pence to 12.5 pence for every kilowatt hour of electricity generated on-site; plus

• An increase in the export tariff from 3.2 pence to 4.5 pence for every kilowatt hour of electricity exported to the grid.

The first 30,000 m-CHP units will be eligible for the new rates with no degression.

The announcement has been welcomed by Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, whose BlueGen is currently the only fuel cell micro-CHP product to receive certification under the UK's Microgeneration Certification Scheme and be eligible for the UK feed-in tariff. Customers installing BlueGen with a commissioning date of 1 December 2012 or later will be eligible for the new micro-CHP tariffs.

BlueGen converts natural gas into electricity and heat for hot water for homes and other buildings. Fuel cell products offer very high efficiency in micro-CHP applications: BlueGen delivers an electrical efficiency of up to 60% and, when the heat is used to produce hot water, total efficiency increases to up to 85%.

Reference: Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

Image: Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited


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