Taiwanese Government Releases Fuel Cell Motorbike Standard to Facilitate Mass Production

30 Jul 2012

APFCT ShowgirlTaiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced its safety and reliability standard for hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles. Scooters produced by some Taiwanese manufacturers have passed the new standard and are ready for mass production. MOEA is also working on a global standard for such vehicles.

30 APFCT fuel cell scooters have completed on-road test drives surpassing 120,000 kilometres (three times the circumference of the Earth) in cities, mountain and seaside areas; the first such test for fuel cell motorbikes in the world.

Bureau of Standards Division Director Hsieh Han-chang claims that for every NT$100 spent, a regular scooter can run for 100 kilometres, while a lithium battery electric vehicle can run for 150 to 170 kilometres, and a hydrogen fuel cell scooter can run for 260 kilometres.


Reference: The China Post

Image: An APFCT showgirl presenting the fuel cell motorbike’s hydrogen storage canister (Source: CAN)

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