ReliOn Launches New Fuel Cell Products Tailored to Support Weak Grids

25 Jul 2012

ReliOn New Products

US backup power and grid-support fuel cell manufacturer ReliOn has announced the launch of two new fuel cell products. The E-1000x and E-2200x are rated at 1 kW and 2.2 kW, respectively, and are intended to address the need for high duty cycle grid-support in situations where alternative power products are used to support low reliability electrical grids or in the absence of any grid. The company has begun shipping pre-commercial units to customers in locales where grid coverage routinely drops for several hours a day. Full commercial product shipments will begin late in the third quarter of this year; ReliOn is now accepting orders.

Mark Cohen, ReliOn’s Vice President of Product Line Management commented, “The E-1000x and E-2200x fuel cell systems have been optimized to meet a need from our customers for grid-support power in a variety of locations around the world.  The E-1000x and E-2200x chassis can be deployed as single or multiple systems.  The E-1000x platform is targeted for power requirements from 500W to 4kW, while the E-2200x platform targets higher power requirements up to 8.8kW.  Both products continue to provide the high reliability and ease of use our customers have come to expect from ReliOn.”


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