HyER Hydrogen Corridor Study Proposal Approved by EU

24 Jul 2012

HyER TEN-THyER's TEN-T proposal for a hydrogen corridor study and pilot has been approved by the EU Member States. The proposal was prepared with the Dutch government, with the support of the French, German, Swedish and Danish governments. TEN-T is the European Commission's strategic programme to establish an efficient trans-European transport network by 2020.

HyER is participating as an applicant in this proposal to support three of the five main activities of the proposal:

1. Collection of the preparatory activities and experiences with regards to corridor development of the five national hydrogen infrastructure initiatives: APHYPAC (France), Hydrogen Sweden, the Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Platform, the Dutch Hydrogen Strategy Plan, and NOW (Germany), with a link to the UK H2Mobility activities through the London Hydrogen Partnership.

2. Development of a Synchronised Implementation Plan (based on the input of the national initiatives) for policymakers and infrastructure managers along a 1,100 km corridor from Sweden, via Denmark and Germany to the Netherlands with links to France and the UK.

3. Dissemination and engagement activities to involve other regional and national stakeholders as well as the EU institutions.

The proposal will include three pilot stations in the Netherlands and Denmark.

HyER has also been invited to be present with a stand at the TEN-T Executive Agency Infoday on November 21, 2012.

Reference and Image: HyER

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