Exclusive: PowerTrekk Commercial Launch Underway

05 Jul 2012

PowerTrekk Packaging

In late March we reported that Swedish fuel cell manufacturer myFC was set to launch its long-anticipated PowerTrekk portable electronics charger in thirteen major markets in May following a successful funding round last summer. May passed with no word of launch; curious as to what had happened we contacted myFC for some insight.

It transpires that due to the small size of the company and the large scale of demand for the unit, myFC has decided to stagger the launch of the PowerTrekk across the year, an understandable decision given the logistics necessary to launch a product simultaneously in thirteen markets.

The product has already launched in the Netherlands and Bulgaria and an Italian launch is underway. These will be followed by French, German and Australian launches in August and US, Chinese and Japanese launches around September time. More detailed information on the upcoming launches, including retail locations, will be released by myFC next month.

Source: Fuel Cell Today interview with myFC

Image: PowerTrekk retail packaging (myFC)

Industry Directory: myFC


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