New Report on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in China

31 Jan 2012


Fuel cells are not a new technology to China. Its universities have been developing the technology for many years and the country hosts a number of well-established commercial fuel cell companies. The opportunities for fuel cells to contribute to a low carbon economy in the country are clear. China relies heavily upon coal-fired power for electricity generation; is the leading emitter of greenhouse gases (measured in absolute terms); has the largest domestic automobile manufacturing industry in the world; and is home to the largest and most rapidly expanding mobile telecommunications network on the planet. Financial support from the Chinese government is strong and fuel cells are identified as a key future technology and funded accordingly.

This report reviews the key demonstration programmes to date and identifies the opportunities for fuel cells and hydrogen to contribute to a low carbon future in China.

Chinese companies throughout the supply chain from catalysts to membranes and system integrators to end users are all driving fuel cell adoption leading China to become an international competitor.


Click here to download the full report.

Image source: Dan Carter, Fuel Cell Today.

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