BOC Launches Hymera DC Portable Fuel Cell System

02 Feb 2012

Hymera DC_2

BOC has launched the latest iteration of its Hymera fuel cell system, the Hymera DC, which can provide 150 W of off-grid DC power.

The unit has undergone testing during 2011, with UK construction firm Morgan Sindall using it to power a remote noise monitor on the London Crossrail project at its Pudding Mill Lane site. The Hymera DC unit operates silently and was able to provide off-grid power where conventional generators would not have been suitable. Coupled to BOC’s 54ZH portable hydrogen cylinder, the Hymera DC can provide 2-3 kWh of energy. One of these cylinders can power a 3 W average load for up to a month.

Casey Fleming, Morgan Sindall’s environmental manager said “The Hymera hydrogen fuel cell’s innovative qualities helped us solve a difficult project conundrum. The cell has now successfully powered a remote noise monitor for eight weeks, the location of which was proving difficult to supply with conventional power. We needed it to operate silently, which was impossible with traditional power generators.”

The Hymera DC has also been tested in Ireland for remote and discreet CCTV applications since May 2011, increasing the runtime versus batteries from a few days to three weeks. Tom Ryan, Business Development Manager at Advanced Monitoring said “Using the BOC Hymera DC, our CCTV solutions can operate for around three weeks without interruption. Because it is silent and doesn’t require changing, no one is alerted to the presence of a camera.”

Stewart Dow, Packaged Energy Manager at BOC commented “The type of capability the Hymera DC offers is increasingly crucial in the portable power market. Businesses sometimes believe that cutting costs and carbon emissions are two conflicting goals, but with the family of Hymera products, this needn’t to be the case. With its high performance and low cost, the Hymera DC is now opening up a whole new range of exciting applications and opportunities.”

Image source: BOC


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