EFOYs for Eagles: Fuel Cell Enables Discreet Surveillance of White-Tails in Scotland

13 Dec 2012

White-tailed eagle

Antares EFOY installationSFC Energy’s EFOY Pro has proven itself once more as an ideal solution for long-term wildlife surveillance. The UK Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has been using an EFOY system to power video equipment for the observation of a pair of white-tailed eagles during this year’s breeding season. The EFOY was selected by integrator Antares for its small footprint, quiet operation and long runtime. The system can run for several months on a single container of methanol fuel without the need for human intervention, perfect for surveillance.

The installation forms part of a project to re-establish a self-sustaining white-tailed eagle population in Scotland. The UK Environment Agency installed an EFOY fuel cell at its Woolston Weir fishery last year to enable continuous monitoring of an eel pass.


Reference: SFC Energy (emailed press release)

Image source: hiljainenmies

Industry Directory: SFC Energy


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