CFCL CEO Bob Kennett Interviewed on his Vision for the Company

19 Dec 2012

CFCL Bob KennettCeramic Fuel Cells Limited’s (CFCL) new CEO, Bob Kennett has been interviewed by BRR Media on his plans for the future of the company. CFCL recently underwent a restructuring to concentrate on near-term commercial markets and reduced its headcount by 60, which is thought will save AUS $5 million for the full year. CFCL believes this is its fastest route to profitability.

It has also focussed operations on the EU, specifically Germany and the UK, where attractive fiscal incentives are available; the availability of feed-in tariffs and opportunities in social housing projects are of particular interest.

The company will retain its Australian R&D centre in Noble Park at the core of the business to ensure manufacturing can support new levels of sales. Key for the next six to twelve months will be to focus on cost reduction and increasing sales volumes.

Listen to the full interview here.

Source: BRR Media

Image: CFCL

Industry Directory: CFCL


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