AlumiFuel Power Signs Hydrogen–Fuel Cell Technology Development Agreement with Genport

03 Dec 2012

Genport G300 Hybrid Fuel CellHydrogen generation company AlumiFuel Power Corporation has announced that its operating subsidiary, AlumiFuel Power Technologies, Inc., has signed a Technology Development Agreement with Genport North America (GNA), the US subsidiary of the Italian hybrid power sources company, Genport srl.

The provisions of the agreement include the establishment of a US-based joint venture which would combine and integrate the technologies, intellectual property, products, and operations of both companies. The focus of the JV is to pursue backup and portable power applications and business opportunities in the US, Europe, and elsewhere.

The JV would encompass the following capabilities:

(1) APTI's AlumiFuel powder and cartridge-based hydrogen generation for fuel cell power, weather balloon lift gas and unmanned undersea vehicle power; and

(2) Genport/GNA's fuel cell power systems, hydrogen generation and storage systems, solar cells and lithium-ion battery packs. Genport/GNA's current flagship product is the G300 Hybrid Fuel Cell (photo), a CE-marked 400 W system that can take energy inputs from hydrogen, solar panels and lithium-ion battery packs and deliver electricity for a variety of applications including military, emergency, telecommunications, PCs, battery charging, electro-medical devices, stationary micro-grids, and auxiliary power.

The two companies would commit to the development of a 5 kW backup power system for telecom facilities, using APTI's hydrogen generation technology and GNA's fuel cell power systems, also in conjunction with other renewable power sources.

Smaller scale units (300 W to 1 kW) based on the existing G300 Hybrid Fuel Cell would also be developed for emergency services/first responder applications aimed at natural disasters, homeland security, anti-terrorist operations, and dismounted soldiers.

Source: taken from AlumiFuel Power Corporation news release

Photo: Genport


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