AFC Receives New EU Grant and Acquires Assets from Diverse Energy

17 Dec 2012

Diverse Energy

AFC Energy has announced that it has received notification of a European Union grant award to launch its Alkammonia project, developing ammonia fed alkaline fuel cell systems.

The EU grant totalling €1.96 million (£1.53 million) is being funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU), through the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and will provide AFC Energy and its European project partners with three years' financial support to develop ammonia-fed alkaline fuel cells. The grant is still subject to final negotiation and agreement, but is expected to be agreed in time for the project to commence from March 2013. If negotiations with FCH-JU conclude satisfactorily, AFC Energy will coordinate the project and expects its direct share of the project funding to be up to €0.64 million (£0.52 million) with the balance to be received by the other project partners.

The key to the wide deployment of AFC Energy's fuel cells will be their compatibility with a range of energy feedstocks. AFC Energy's alkaline fuel cells have the advantage of being able to tolerate ammonia traces in the fuel stream, a fact recently confirmed by AFC Energy’s in-house laboratory trials. These tests confirmed that power systems derived from the integration of ammonia with alkaline fuel cells do not require an expensive fuel clean-up process.

In addition to the EU grant the Company has also announced the acquisition of certain assets, including equipment and intellectual property, of Diverse Energy Ltd (Diverse Energy). Diverse Energy was a UK-based company that developed small-scale ammonia-fed fuel cell systems for the mobile phone mast backup power market, specifically within Africa. It entered into administration earlier this year after a failed funding round. AFC Energy expects to use the equipment, knowledge and systems understanding developed by Diverse Energy to accelerate its speed to market for ammonia fed systems.

Commenting, Ian Williamson, CEO, said: "We are delighted to add Diverse Energy's proven and patented technology, knowhow and equipment to our own. This deal, combined with the EU grant for our Alkammonia project, will help AFC Energy exploit an exciting market opportunity faster than would previously have been possible. These developments will extend our technology portfolio, expand our product offering and help to broaden our addressable market. We believe the ammonia tolerance we have will put our fuel cell system in a very favourable position to be more commercial using this feedstock than its competitors."

Source: AFC Energy

Image Source: Diverse Energy

Industry Directory: AFC Energy


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