Shell Opens Free Hydrogen Station in Newport Beach, California

02 Aug 2012

Shell Newport Beach

Shell, one of the world’s largest oil companies, has opened a new hydrogen station in Newport Beach, Southern California, offering unlimited free hydrogen to the 200 (approximately) fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) owners in California. The station is the eighth public hydrogen station in the state and Shell is paying for it to learn ‘about costs, consumer behaviour and how to dispense it efficiently to different vehicles’ according to North America Commercial Manager for Alternative Energies Matias Sanchez Cane. The hydrogen will be free of charge because Shell does not yet know how to charge for it; it is awaiting a change to the California Division of Measurement Standards that will allow it to regulate sales of automotive fuel in kilograms, the standard measurement for compressed gaseous hydrogen.

California has been a hotspot for FCEV thanks to its strict air quality legislation and progressive approach to zero emission vehicular technologies. Catherine Dunwoody, Executive Director of the California Air Resources Board, anticipates up to a maximum of 50,000 FCEV in operation in the state five years from now.


Reference: Los Angeles Times


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