Proton Motor Fuel Cell to Cooperate with Modl to Address Stationary Power Market

06 Aug 2012

Proton Motor Fuel CellProton Power Systems has announced that its subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has signed a cooperation agreement with Modl GmbH to address the need for interruption-free and energy efficient  storage for the stationary power supply market.

This is particularly relevant in Germany given the recent shutdown of nuclear power stations and the growing reliance on renewable energy supplies, which are intermittent and require increased storage.

Modl, Proton Motor’s sales partner in southern Germany, has many years’ experience in the market and a large customer base for stationary power supply. Modl delivers a complete cabinet solution, including peripherals, while Proton Motor contributes its expertise by supplying the stationary fuel cell system.

The market for energy efficient backup power supply is expected to experience significant growth in the near future, as expected power outages and power supply shortages become the focus of operators of mission critical applications such as hospitals, data centres, telecommunications companies and airports.

Both partners will offer complete solutions for uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and grid shaving applications based on Proton Motor’s hydrogen fuel cell technology and Modl’s product portfolio.

The products are especially engineered to provide a long period of backup power of over five hours, are eco-friendly and compactly designed, offering an alternative to noisy and high-emission diesel generators or pure battery applications. The products will range from 5 to 120 kW.

The first joint projects are underway and the Company will update the market accordingly with developments.

Source: Proton power Systems plc


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