Hydrogenics Targets Japanese Market with Iwatani Agreement

07 Aug 2012

Canadian fuel cell and electrolyser manufacturer Hydrogenics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Iwatani Corporation, a prominent Japanese industrial energy company that specialises in industrial gases and energy.

The agreement will see the companies collaborate to develop opportunities for hydrogen solutions in the Japanese market, including utility-scale hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen generation and fuelling, fuel cell integration, and industrial hydrogen generation. Together the companies will offer an integrated end-to-end customer experience with Hydrogenics primarily as technology provider, providing commissioning, training and technical support; Iwatani will create and support joint business opportunities by acting as a mediator between Hydrogenics and Japanese customers.

"Japan has always been a world leader in technology development and adoption and for this reason Hydrogenics has a history of activities in Japan," said Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Hydrogenics. "Today more than ever the business climate in Japan is very engaged in advancing the country's priorities around energy and the environment. It was important for Hydrogenics to align with a complementary Japanese partner and we are very pleased to have achieved this with Iwatani, a company with broad experience and presence in Japan's energy market. We are optimistic that this MOU is setting the stage for business that our companies can mutually benefit from."


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