H2 Logic Publishes Hydrogen Refuelling Performance Data

14 Aug 2012

H2 Logic

H2 Logic has published hydrogen refuelling performance data from several of its H2Station® refuelling points. It has also made available detailed results for one station operating in Oslo as part of the H2MOVES Scandinavia project.

The reports can be downloaded here.

The company says the performance results show important progress in the four ‘must-win battles’ it identified for the continuous R&D effort on H2Station, which are to enable:

• The same fast refuelling and long range as with gasoline;
• A hydrogen pump price competitive with gasoline;
• A commercial payback for station owner/operator;
• A close to 100% refuelling availability in networks.

The performance data show very high availability and refuelling times consistently below four minutes, as well as stable compliance with the SAE J2601 standard.

The H2MOVES station was available 96% of all time, with 65% of all down-time situations solved within half an hour and 92% within one day. Throughout the entire operation period no incidents affecting safety were experienced.

Reference: H2 Logic

Image Source: H2 Logic

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