Fuel Cells 2000 Publishes ‘State of the States 2012’

28 Aug 2012

State of the States 2012Fuel Cells 2000 has published its free State of the States 2012 report, a comprehensive survey of the fuel cell industry in the USA now available on its website www.fuelcells.org.

"Fuel Cells in America 2012" documents significant activity since the last State of the States report, with more than 74 MW of fuel cells for stationary power and 1,700 fuel cell forklifts installed or purchased in just over a year. The playing field is widening, with multi-megawatt installations for Apple and eBay in North Carolina and Utah respectively, fuel cell forklifts deployed in more than 19 states, and 25 fuel cell buses placed or planned for transit service around the country.

The states provide important leadership in keeping the US prominent in fuel cell technology, with innovative policies and strategies for business attraction helping to push the US fuel cell industry forward, while creating domestic jobs and funding opportunities.

"With support and demand for fuel cells growing rapidly in almost every corner of the globe, there is tremendous opportunity for the US to boost manufacturing and exports to rebound and thrive in a competitive marketplace," says Jennifer Gangi, program director, Fuel Cells 2000. "We are finding that in many parts of the U.S., the fuel cell industry offers great potential for job growth, business attraction and economic stimulus throughout the entire supply chain, and that's on top of the environmental benefits and energy security fuel cells bring to the table."

The new report also features the 2012 Fuel Cell Power Rankings - nine separate Top 5 lists showcasing all of the top activity in the different states and market sectors, instead of choosing overall winners as in previous reports.  This allows new players to shine and shows the hard numbers to support the selection.  The report includes individual state profiles cataloguing all of the past year's progress in policy and deployments.  It also features quotes from members of Congress and appendices of additional resources including charts, maps and links.

The PDF version of "State of the States: Fuel Cells in America 2012" can be downloaded here.

Reference: Fuel Cells 2000


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