Fuel Cell Lexus Spotted in the USA

17 Aug 2012

Lexus FC

A recent post in CAR Magazine published spy-photographs of an un-badged Lexus HS being refuelled by an Air Products mobile hydrogen truck. Toyota has recently confirmed its plans to launch a fuel cell vehicle by 2015, but would not confirm which vehicle model it would release, so what is the significance of these images? Fuel Cell Today contacted Toyota Europe for clarification. It confirmed the car was a test vehicle loaded with a fuel cell system for test purposes. Toyota also reiterated the company’s plans to launch a fuel cell sedan for 2015. We were told the Lexus HS is a very practical platform for these tests to optimise the fuel cell system without revealing the final fuel cell vehicle body style. Therefore the images were not of a prototype, but simply a test vehicle.

Fuel Cell Today believes high-end vehicles will be the preferred entry point for fuel cell vehicles, with their higher cost able to accommodate the cost of the new powertrain more easily. Therefore we would not be surprised to see a model in the Lexus range as part of an initial release.


Reference: CAR Magazine / Toyota Europe

Image source: Car Magazine


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