Fuel Cell at Mercedes-Benz Hamburg Dealership Unveiled

24 Aug 2012

Mercedes-Benz Hamburg - Fuji Electric fuel cell

As of this week, the main offices of the Hamburg Mercedes-Benz dealership have their electricity and heat requirements met by a stationary fuel cell. The centre on the Friedrich-Ebert-Damm is now mostly supplied by energy generated directly on-site by a Fuji Electric PAFC system supplied via Hamburg start-up company N2telligence.

The stationary fuel cell system is fuelled with natural gas, with an output of 100 kW of electricity and 120 kW of heat used by the business. It is highly efficient and, together with steps taken in its construction, the dealership's carbon dioxide emissions have now dropped by up to 60%. This represents a saving of approximately 300 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The Hamburg Mercedes-Benz dealership invested one million euros in the system, which is expected to pay for itself within six to seven years through energy savings.

Mercedes-Benz Hamburg fuel cell startedAs part of the grand opening of the rebuilt energy-efficient centre in Wandsbek, the Mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz (centre), Bernd Zierold (manager of the Mercedes-Benz dealership, right) and Andreas Exler (managing director of N2telligence, left) pressed the symbolic green button together and put the system into operation. Scholz called the installation “an example for other businesses to follow”. The project has been nominated for the ‘Energy’ category in the Clean Tech Media Award 2012, awarded by the German Transport Minister, Dr Peter Ramsauer.

The dealership's involvement with fuel cell technology began in 2011 with the delivery of Hamburg's largest fleet of local zero-emission fuel cell and battery electric vehicles (a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL is shown below). It is planning to construct a public hydrogen refuelling station on site in 2013. The aim is to achieve ‘zero-emission driving’ in Hamburg.

Mercedes-Benz Hamburg Fuel Cell and F-Cell

Reference and all images: Daimler AG


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