Air Products Opens Hydrogen Station at Heathrow Airport

03 Aug 2012

On Thursday 2nd August Air Products announced the opening of its newest hydrogen station located at Heathrow Airport. The opening was completed with the refuelling of two Intelligent Energy black taxis, being used to transport VIPs during the Olympic and Paralympic games. Earlier this week the taxis had to be transported to Swindon for refuelling at a BOC station in order for them to meet existing Olympic commitments due to restrictions in place at the First Bus hydrogen station close to the Olympic Park. Driver training was also conducted at the Heathrow opening, with representatives of Air Products, Heathrow, Intelligent Energy and the taxi drivers themselves all present. This station fulfils a requirement as part of the HyTEC project for a publicly accessible hydrogen station. No appointments are necessary to use the station once the required training has been completed. With this station now fully open, the black taxis can continue to refuel locally and provide zero emissions transport for London.

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