Liveblog: 18th Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells – Hannover Messe

23 Apr 2012

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Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (@H2FC_Hannover) is Europe's largest and most prominent fuel cell and hydrogen fair. Now in its 18th year, the fair is a part of the Hannover Messe annual industrial technology showcase.

Fuel Cell Today will be spending the week at the Group Exhibit bringing you the latest updates from Europe. Tweets and updates will be posted below throughout each day so please check back regularly!


Fuel Cell Today live from: Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells – Hannover 2012


Friday 27th April 18:10 (GMT +1)

That's a wrap! We have had an exciting, enlightening and occassionally exhausting week at the 18th group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells. We hope that you have enjoyed our updates and we can't wait to see everyone again next year! Bis später! Jonny and Marge.

Day five Report Published

Mads Gardening 1210On our final day at the Group Exhibit we focus on commercialisation, the supply chain and using fuel cells with readily available fuels. H2FC Hannover 2012 Day Five

Friday 27th April 16:20 (GMT +1)

Jonny makes his video debut at the beginning of ITM Power's Hannover 2012 summary.

Friday 27th April 14:10 (GMT +1)

HydroGen 4 1410

Jonny test drives a GM HydroGen 4. The low-end torque provided by the electric motor gives this big and heavy car a significant amount of pull; steering was responsive and the whole experience was very smooth.

Friday 27th april 13:50 (GMT +1)

Pearl Hydrogen Stack 1455

Marge visits China's Pearl Hydrogen to hear about its latest stack developments. For more information on Pearl Hydrogen please take a look at our report Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in China.

Friday 27th April 12:05 (GMT +1)

Marge Gardening 1205

Marge poses next to the Danish EcoMotion ladscaping maintenance truck. Serenergy's Mads Jensen, whose company provided the HT-PEM fuel cells for the truck then talked us through the truck and the rest of his company's recent developments. Fuel Cell Today will be publishing a Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Denmark report later in the year as part of our Nordic series.

Mads Gardening 1210

Friday 27th April 12:00 (GMT +1)

Ecomove 1200

This quirky city car by ECOmove has fuel cells integrated by Serenergy and customisable range, up to a maximum of 800 km. Twenty of the battery versions will be delivered this year; this fuel cell variant will continue to be tested.

Friday 27th April 11:25 (GMT +1)

Acta 1125

Acta CEO Paolo Bert takes to the stage to discuss how fuel cells are becoming cost-competitive with incumbent technologies and that electrolysis now needs to follow suit to allow for widespread adoption. His company's electrolyser doesn't require post-compression, a common cost barrier.

Friday 27th April 11:05 (GMT +1)

Baltic 1105

We talk to Baltic Fuel Cells, who has progressed significantly since last year's show. It's product, the SuSy 300, is in small series production and more than 100 will be produced next year. It wants customer to think of the system not as a fuel cell but as a power generator, just like any other solution.

Day Four report Published

Topsoe 1205The global SOFC market is growing at pace and we have enjoyed seeing the innovative developments of European SOFC companies at the Group Exhibit this year. H2FC Hannover 2012 Day Four

Thursday 26th April 16:35 (GMT +1)

eZelleron 16:35

We return to the eZelleron stand to take a closer look at a new product under development: a small 0.5 W charger for mobile devices that fuelled directly by a cigarette lighter (no adaptor) – one lighter used in the system produces the same energy as sixteen AA batteries. Using lighters removes the infrastructure conundrum and we can't wait to get our hands on one of these!

Thursday 26th April 15:20 (GMT +1)

Kaori Group 1520

Kaori Product 1535Jonny catches up with Kaori Heat Treatment. Kaori is a Taiwanese outfit who supplies hotboxes to Bloom Energy amongst numerous other customers. Kaori is hoping to develop the fuel cell industry by reducing the cost of balance of plant.

Thursday 26th April 13:50 (GMT +1)

Finns 1350

Marge catches up with her friends on the Finnish Pavilion. Marge's report Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Finland is available to download now.

Thursday 26th April 13:35 (GMT +1)

eZelleron 1335eZelleron's go::batt 125 micro-tubular SOFC charger provides 25 W of continuous output and can run on standard cigarette lighters via an adaptor.

Thursday 26th April 12:05 (GMT +1)

Topsoe 1205

We visit Topsoe Fuel Cell to hear about their advancements with solid oxide technology. The system above is being developed in cooperation with AVL as a diesel-fuelled APU.

Thursday 26th April 11:15 (Gmt +1)

Simon 1115

ITM Power CTO Simon Bourne discusses regulations, codes and standards and ITM's journey in gaining accreditation. It is not an easy process and Simon hopes that sharing ITM's journey will help others.

Thursday 26th April 10:50 (GMT +1)

Marge Public Forum 1050

Marge presents on the Public Forum. Her talk is entitled 'Fuel Cells: Different Markets, Different Needs, Different Opportunities'.

Day Three Report Published

Smith Electric Ribbon CuttingToday we spent more time exploring the exhibitors' stands and caught updates on fuel cells in transportation, hydrogen generation and fuel cells for stationary power. H2FC Hannover 2012 Day Three

Wednesday 25th April 17:20 (GMT +1)

ClearEdge Stand

We catch up with ClearEdge Power CEO Russell Ford (skillfully out of shot!); ClearEdge is exhibiting at the Messe following its announcement that it is to deliver 50 MW of its fuel cells to Austria’s Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH and it is gauging the interest of the wider European market.

Wednesday 25th April 15:50 (GMT +1)


An e-sled snowmobile with a fuel cell range extender at the Finnish pavilion was gathering a lot of interest from passers-by. You can read more about the e-sled in Marge's recent report Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Finland.

Wednesday 25th April 14:20 (GMT +1)

Geoff Budd Ballard

Geoff Budd, European Account Director of Ballard Power Systems, speaks on the Public Forum. The upcoming HD7 heavy duty fuel cell power module for buses is aiming to be cost-competitive with diesel hybrids by the time it is launched in 2014. We subsequently enjoyed a chat with Geoff about Ballard developments.

Wednesday 25th April 14:15 (GMT +1)

Smith Electric Ribbon Cutting

Robin Mackie (Co-founder and CTO of Smith Electric Vehicles) and Klaus Bonhoff (Head of NOW GmbH) cut the ribbon at the launch of the Smith electric truck fitted with Proton Motor fuel cell range extender. Field testing is now to begin and 20 more trucks are planned for demonstration.

Wednesday 25th April 14:05 (GMT +1)

Acta CEOWe speak to Acta CEO Paolo Bert, shown here in front of the company's new product that integrates its electrolyser technology with a fuel cell for an independent off-grid backup power solution, that can use filtered rain water for electrolysis.

Wednesday 25th April 13:05 (GMT +1)

Marge and Smith EV Truck

Proton Motor has integrated its PM-REX range extender into a Smith Electric Vehicles light duty truck. The truck is to be used in field trials after a ribbon-cutting ceremony later today.

Wednesday 25th April 12:10 (GMT +1)

Proton OnSite Products

Proton OnSite shows us its range of electrolyser stacks. Proton OnSite has been in the electrolyser business for sixteen years and is a profitable company with electrolysers sold for on-site generation into various industrial end uses.

Day Two Report Published

Jonny ITM PrepA strong theme emerging at the Group Exhibit and worldwide is the storage of energy from variable load renewables as hydrogen in existing gas networks. H2FC Hannover 2012 Day Two

Tuesday 24th April 17:05 (GMT +1)

Linde Clarity

Linde was also on-site refuelling a Honda FCX Clarity FCEV with its TÜV-certified green hydrogen.

Tuesday 24th April 16:50 (GMT +1)

Hydrogen Bus

Each day at the event ITM Power is refuelling this hydrogen bus from the HyCologne project, which is ferrying punters around the Messe site. Hydrogen for the vehicle is electrolysed using ITM's HFuel containerised electrolysis and hydrogen fuelling solution.

Tuesday 24th April 15:30 (GMT +1)

FutureE Presentation

FutureE CFO Mark-Uwe Oβwald presents his company's Jupiter 2 kW backup power system and its new Jupiter Independence integrated electrolyser and fuel cell backup power solution. Swiss telecoms group Swisscom is using two of the Jupiter systems at base stations in Lucerne and Davos.

Tuesday 24th April 13:25 (GMT +1)

Jonny ITM Prep

Jonny prepares for an ITM Power video interview discussing the need for electrolysis and energy storage.

Graham with New StackTuesday 24th April 13:20 (GMT +1)

ITM Power CEO Dr Graham Cooley poses next to his company's new 25 kg per day electrolysis stack, which is the basis of its 1 MW containerised electrolyser targeted at energy storage in gas networks, a theme we will be covering in our Day Two report.

CEKA Coffee TrolleyTuesday 24th April 10:55 (GMT +1)

We enjoy a coffee from Ceka's fuel cell catering trolley, designed for use in trains. Two of the trolleys are in use during the show and larger scale trials should be underway later this year.

Day One report published

IBZMicro-CHP swiftly became a prominent theme during our first day at the 18th Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells at the 2012 Hannover Messe.  H2FC Hannover 2012 Day One

Monday 23rd April 16:10 (GMT +1)

Linde Refueller

Linde was refuelling fuel cell vehicles for the ride + drive throughout the day with TÜV-certified green hydrogen.

Monday 23rd April 15:15 (GMT +1)


Elcore 2400

After several interesting talks and lunch we visited the Initiative Brennstoffzelle (IBZ) pavilion, a joint undertaking to introduce fuel cell CHP to buildings, to find out more about developments in German micro-CHP. Exhibiting with IBZ were Vaillant, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited, Baxi Innotech, Hexis and Elcore, which announced the launch of its new low-cost domestic fuel cell (right) in a presentation earlier in the day.

Monday 23rd April 11:15 (GMT +1)


It's not every fuel cell trade show that you'll find a light aircraft parked at. The Antares was gathering a lot of interest from passing punters.

Marge Truma Sign Monday 23rd April 11:10 (GMT +1)

Marge with Truma's LPG fuel cell powered roadside maintenance sign.

Monday 23rd April 10:50 (GMT +1)

Mon Vaillant Forum

The day opens with Alexander Dauensteiner, Head of Product Management at Vaillant, discussing the German market for fuel cell heating appliances. Fuel cell residential combined heat and power is a strong theme throughout the day.


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