Hydrogenics and Enbridge to Develop Utility Scale Energy Storage in North America

24 Apr 2012

Hydrogenics Corporation has announced it has entered into an agreement with Enbridge Inc. to jointly develop utility scale energy storage in North America. Enbridge is Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company and plans to use its existing infrastructure as a 'Power-to-Gas' storage system.

The partners will use Hydrogenics’ electrolysers to generate hydrogen from water during times of excess renewable electricity generation which will be fed into the natural gas network. It is possible to safely inject small amounts of hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure and by doing this effectively store renewable electricity. The hydrogen also increases the renewable energy content of the gas, when included alongside biogas injection for example. This stored electricity can then be returned to the grid when required using gas-powered generators or fuel cells.

Initially the cooperation will focus on Enbridge’s Ontario-based operations, with a view to further expansion into the rest of North America in the future.

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