Hybrid Wind Power Plant Now Supplying Green Hydrogen to Fuel Cell Vehicles in Berlin

19 Apr 2012

12-02-15 Enertrag

The Enertrag-operated wind–hydrogen hybrid power plant at Prenzlau has begun delivering clean hydrogen to a Total hydrogen filling station in Berlin. This will be used in fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) operating in Berlin under the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), with the first fill having taken place on Wednesday.

At the hybrid power plant, electricity from wind power is used in electrolysers to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, hence no carbon dioxide emissions are generated during the production of the hydrogen fuel. The FCEVs using the hydrogen also have zero emissions at the tailpipe, producing only water vapour. Filling of a vehicle with hydrogen only takes a few minutes and each fill can last for as much as 500 km, depending on the FCEV model.

The plant is located about 95 km north of Berlin and has been operating since October last year. It is a collaboration between Enertrag, DB Energie, Vattenfall and Total Germany, integrating 6 MW wind turbines with electrolysers, biogas and a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

There are currently more than 50 FCEVs in operation in Berlin. Green hydrogen from the hybrid plant is also earmarked for use in FCEVs in Hamburg and at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport from June this year.

Reference: IWR / European hydrogen association

IMage Source: Römer Grafik, from TOTAL Germany website

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