Greenpeace Energy to Construct Electrolyser to Supply Windgas in North Germany

18 Apr 2012

Wind Turbine Sunset (Credit Flickr/Stephen Edmonds)

Greenpeace Energy and Gasunie have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of a ‘windgas’ solution in Northern Germany. Greenpeace Energy is to construct a wind-powered electrolyser, the hydrogen from which will be injected into Gasunie’s natural gas network. The necessary infrastructure for the production and supply of hydrogen through the gas network, including the Greenpeace Energy electrolyser, should be in operation in 2013. Specific details of the electrolyser system are yet to be revealed.

Greenpeace Energy is the largest nationwide, independent energy cooperative in Germany, serving more than 110,000 customers; it has eight wind farms and three photovoltaic plants in operation producing a combined output of 54 MW. Gasunie, a Dutch infrastructure operator, is one of the largest natural gas transmission companies operating in Germany and is responsible for the management, operation and expansion of the gas pipeline network in Northern Germany.

Since October 2011 Greenpeace Energy has been offering its customers a ‘proWindgas’ tariff which promises to supply natural gas with a gradually increasing proportion of windgas. The tariff is a 0.4 cent per kilowatt hour premium over standard supply; this additional charge is used to fund windgas projects such as the deployment of this electrolyser. Windgas allows for the utilisation of the existing gas network infrastructure as energy storage for an increasing number of intermittent wind turbines and farms in Germany.

Reference: Finanz Nachrichten


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