China Grants Approval to VN Tech's Fuel Cells for Telecom Back-Up Power

30 Apr 2012


China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has granted approval of VN Technologies’ hydrogen fuel cells for use in telecommunications base transceiver stations (BTS). The move has been announced by VelaTel Global Communications, which deploys and operates wireless broadband and telecommunication networks worldwide; VN Tech is its fuel cell green energy division in China.

As of March 2012, both China Mobile and China Telecom began third-party trial testing with VN Tech's hydrogen fuel cells paired with their BTS on several test sites to determine functionality and dependability of the devices to provide back-up power under extreme climate conditions. The test hydrogen fuel cells have been successfully installed and have passed a variety of test criteria so far, including durability, longevity and reliability tests.

Everything is on track for completion of the trials by June 2012, in accordance with VelaTel's previously announced projected timeline. These test trials are significant as they will pave the way for future sales of hydrogen fuel cell systems to Chinese telecommunications carriers, including VelaTel's own joint venture projects. Proving the model in China is expected to lead to sales to other telecommunications carriers worldwide.

This is potentially an extremely lucrative market for fuel cells. VelaTel’s CEO George Alvarez says the company strongly believes the market for fuel cells [in telecoms back-up power] is a ‘multi-million dollar proposition’.

For more information please see VelaTel's original press release here.

Image: Shanghai by Phil Price

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