Ballard and IdaTech Extend Fuel Cell Stack Supply Agreement For Backup Power Through 2013

04 Apr 2012

Cellphone towers

Ballard Power Systems has announced a one-year extension of its Equipment Supply Agreement with IdaTech, through 2013. IdaTech is a fuel cell system integrator focused on extended-run backup power solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Ballard will support IdaTech's projected need for 2,500 fuel cell stacks through the end of 2013 with its FCgen®-1020ACS fuel cell stacks, each having a power level of up to 3 kW. Ballard fuel cell stacks are integrated by IdaTech into its line of ElectraGenTM ME systems, which operate using reformed methanol fuel, and its ElectraGenTM H2-I systems, which operate using direct hydrogen fuel.

IdaTech's systems are installed as an alternative to traditional power generators – such as lead-acid batteries and diesel generators – at telecom network sites, including wireless network base stations. In the event of a grid power failure, the reliability and rapid start-up of fuel cell-powered ElectraGen systems ensure seamless, uninterrupted service to telecom end-users.

Larry Stapleton, Ballard's Vice President of Sales said, "This agreement is a positive reflection of demand for fuel cell backup power solutions. And, the deal helps build our competitive position in comparison to lead acid batteries and diesel gensets. We look forward to the ongoing success of our relationship with IdaTech in growing the adoption of our products for use in backup power applications."

More than 350 IdaTech ElectraGen systems, using Ballard fuel cell stacks, have been sold to leading telecom network and service providers in Asia, Africa, North America and Central America. For more information see

Source: Ballard Power Systems

Image: Ryan Poplin/Flickr


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