Air Liquide to Provide Hydrogen Fuelling for Birmingham, AL Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration

04 Apr 2012

Air LiquideAir Liquide is to supply the hydrogen fuelling infrastructure for the Birmingham Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration in Alabama, following an agreement with the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), which is managing the demonstration. CTE is a non-profit organisation that specialises in bringing clean transportation technologies to market.

Air Liquide Industrial US LP will provide gaseous hydrogen plus the compression and dispensing system, which will dispense 350 bar hydrogen at 1 kg per minute for quick refuelling. This system will meet all of CTE’s operational and safety requirements, providing on average about 20 kg of hydrogen per day throughout the two-year demonstration period, totalling around 12,500 kg of hydrogen.

EVAmerica, an organisation specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of electric and hybrid–electric medium to heavy-duty vehicles, will design and integrate the hydrogen-powered bus. The hydrogen fuel cell is being provided by Ballard Power Systems.

The demonstration is scheduled to begin in summer 2012; the bus will be operated in regular service by the Birmingham–Jefferson County Transit Agency. The University of Alabama Birmingham will be responsible for data acquisition and analysis, the results of which will be published when the demonstration is complete. The Birmingham Fuel Cell Bus Demonstration is a part of the National Fuel Cell Bus Program, a Federal Transit Administration funded initiative.

ReferenceS: Press releases from CTE and Air Liquide

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