Honda Opens Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Swindon (Updated with Video)

20 Sep 2011

Today Honda officially opened its first UK hydrogen refuelling station, located at its manufacturing site in Swindon. The project has been delivered in partnership with industrial gas company BOC and Forward Swindon and offers both 350 and 700 bar refuelling - the first of its kind in the UK. A range of fuel cell vehicles were on display at the launch including a  Honda FCX Clarity, a Riversimple urban concept car, a London black taxi and a London bus among others. To demonstrate the station Thomas Brachmann, head of electrical powertrain R&D at Honda Germany, refuelled the Clarity, which took less than 4 minutes from start to finish.

Honda Opens Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Swindon 2The station will be available for both public and fleet use through registration with BOC and can fuel up to 50 cars per day in its current form. BOC has space allocated to expand the station in the future when fuel cell vehicles are on UK roads from 2015. Full training will be provided to registered users by BOC to ensure all safety regulations are met and payment is fully automated using a swipe card system. The cost of refuelling was said to be equivalent to filling a conventional diesel car, though the price of hydrogen will fall as demand increases in the future.

The full event report of today's opening can be downloaded here.

Image: Dan Carter/Fuel Cell Today


Update: Honda has released the following video which details the new station and provides some background on the FCX Clarity.


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