Fleet of New Microcab FCEVs for West Midlands CABLED Trials

26 Sep 2011

Microcab 2

Microcab, the FCEV spinoff of Coventry University, is launching its next-generation H2EV hydrogen vehicle this week with a fleet to be deployed to the UK's West Midlands CABLED (Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator) trials.

The car, the brainchild of the University's Professor of Sustainable Transport Design John Jostins, combines a 3 kW PEMFC with a Lotus-engineered chassis and has a claimed range of 100 miles.

Microcab 1

Microcab logo

The role of Microcab and Coventry University in the CABLED trial will be to help examine and evaluate (through the University's Low Carbon Vehicles Grand Challenge applied research programme) the social and economic impacts of running hydrogen fuel cell vehicles within a city environment, and ultimately gain a better understanding of the market potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

The fleet launch follows the installation of a hydrogen refuelling station at the University earlier this year and last week's public hydrogen station opening in Swindon.

Images: Coventry University


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