Ceramic Fuel Cells Receives Substantial Order from E.ON UK

28 Nov 2011

BlueGen Open

Australian SOFC manufacturer Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) has received an order for up to 105 fuel cell products from UK power and gas utility E.ON. The order comes as part of a joint agreement between CFCL and E.ON to demonstrate domestic fuel cells in the UK. Post-demonstration E.ON would, subject to a minimum order of 100,000 units over six years, become the exclusive UK supplier of CFCL micro-CHP products.

The order contains 45 BlueGen units, four to be deployed by E.ON at demonstration and commercial customer sites in the UK and the remaining 41 to be deployed under the EU FCH-JTI (Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative) fuel cell demonstration programme. Supporting the project are UK boiler manufacturer Ideal Boilers Limited and remote monitoring software house HOMA Software. The units will be installed in buildings in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands in early 2012.

BlueGen is the only fuel cell product certified under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme and thereby eligible for use with the feed-in tariff, which pays 10.5 pence per kilowatt hour of electricity generated with an additional 3.1 pence per kilowatt hour of surplus energy exported to the grid.

The rest of the order is for up to 60 integrated micro-CHP units under development by CFCL. Powered by the same Gennex fuel cell module in BlueGen the new units provide the same power and hot water benefits as well as home heating. The units will be manufactured by Ideal Boilers in the UK and installed in the UK, Benelux and Germany from late 2012 under the JTI project.

The as yet unnamed products are the culmination of development work under the Product Development Agreement CFCL signed with E.ON in 2009. Subject to the successful running of two prototype units over the 2011/12 heating season, E.ON and CFCL will develop a Product Supply Agreement for the provision of commercial units for sale in the UK.

By providing home heating the new units are suitable for use as home boiler replacements, a market that comprises approximately 1.6 million units per year in the UK alone.




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