CARB Publishes Latest Advanced Clean Cars Summary

17 Nov 2011

The California Air Resources Board has published proposed amendments to its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulation, part of its Advanced Clean Cars Program. The proposals focus on technologies that help meet CARB’s long term emission reduction goals and increase requirements from 2018 to meet 2050 emissions reduction targets.

The Advanced Clean Cars Program combines the control of smog forming and soot causing pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions into a coordinated package of requirements covering vehicle models from 2015 through 2025. The ZEV part of the program requires manufacturers to produce an increasing number of ZEVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles between 2018 and 2025. These latest proposals also include amendments to the Clean Fuels Outlet (CFO) regulation assuring fuels, such as hydrogen, are produced in time to meet future vehicle demand.

Mary Nichols ReutersCARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols comments: "California’s groundbreaking requirement for steadily increasing numbers of zero-emission vehicles provides the underpinning we need for a rapid shift to cars that reduce our dependence on petroleum and toward cheaper and cleaner alternative domestic fuels like electricity and hydrogen.”

In one scenario developed by CARB staff to meet its 2050 GHG goal, FCEVs comprise more than 50% of the on-road fleet by 2050 (including both new and used vehicles) with virtually 100% of new vehicle sales being ZEVs by that time. By increasing the requirements for ZEVs, it is hoped that the increased production volumes will lower costs for consumers.

On Road Light-Duty Vehicle Scenario to Reach 2050 Goal:


The CFO also proposes to shift the onus for providing hydrogen fuel from the largely independent retail network to the "major refiner/importers of gasoline".

In another significant change, CARB is proposing to include only ZEV fuels in the regulation and not alternative vehicle fuels such as natural gas and ethanol.

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