Nordic Green and BioMCN Sign Bio-methanol Agreement

22 Dec 2011

Nordic Green and BioMCN Sign Bio-methanol Agreement correct logo

Nordic green has signed an Agency Agreement with BioMCN, the world’s largest producer of second generation biofuel. The agreement covers representation and sales of bio-methanol in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Nordic green will also represent BioMCN worldwide for various fuel cell applications of their fuel.

BioMCN has an annual production capacity of 250 million litres. Its proprietary process converts crude glycerine, a residue from vegetable oil processing, into bio-methanol. The company intends to expand the use of bio-methanol as a renewable energy source in Europe and other parts of the world, an application to which fuel cells are well-suited.

Nordic green’s focus is the introduction of green methanol to the fuel cell market, as well as for blending with gasoline (up to 3%) and use in bio-diesel production. As the methanol is second-generation there is no food versus fuel conflict – the production method makes use of the residues from existing biofuel production processes, increasing overall sustainability.

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