Hospital Launches Project for Efficient, Low Carbon CHP System for Site of 167 Buildings

02 Dec 2011


The Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has launched a Market Sounding and Call for Innovative Solutions Informing the Procurement of an Integrated Ultra Low Carbon Energy Solution for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Healthcare is a hugely intensive operation. The project prospectus states the UK NHS energy bill as more than £410 million annually and LCB-HEALTHCARE states that the European healthcare sector accounts for at least 5% of total EU emissions.

Nottingham University Hospital’s City Campus comprises 167 buildings ranging in age from a few years old to Victorian heritage buildings and it employs over 13,000 staff with an annual budget above £700 million. The coal and gas fired steam generation systems that largely power the site are coming to the end of their useful lives and will need to be replaced in the next five years.

The Trust has launched the call as a stimulus for the supply chain to propose innovative technological, financial and delivery solutions to achieve a 35% saving on current emissions by 2020. This will happen through the completion of a short Market Sounding Response Form, deadline 30th January 2012. Before that time those interested are invited to attend a site visit on the 16th January 2012 to learn more about the project and the site. After this the Trust will publish a directory of companies responding to the market sounding in order to encourage lateral communication and the establishment of a consortium to meet the wide demands of the project. Whatever solution that is chosen will need to be operational by January 2015 and provide a smooth transition for the site.

The market sounding specifically mentions the Trust’s desire to ‘explore the potential and viability of fuel cell CHP’ as a part of the solution. The sounding is open to companies both national and international; those interested should visit the project website, and read the full Market Sounding and Call for Innovative Solutions document.


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