Further Successful Deployments for Altergy's Freedom Power

05 Aug 2011

Further Successful Deployments for Altergy's Freedom Power

Altergy Systems recently announced two successful deployments of its Freedom Power™ fuel cell system, as the technology continues to prove itself in a growing number of installations.

A 5 kW Freedom Power™ system installed in Jamaica in December 2010 has been successfully providing telecom backup power through hundreds of power outages since. The system, on a rooftop in Saint Andrew Plaza, is designed to provide up to 48 hours' uninterrupted power and can be expanded to a 10 kW system if required by the client.

A Freedom Power™ fuel cell system has recently been installed at Union Pacific Railroad's telecom facility in Stockton, California. Here it supplies backup power to critical telecommunications including railway switching and communication between personnel. Union Pacific operates a major railway franchise covering 23 states in the USA, and hence its interest in fuel cell technology is significant. Union Pacific Railroad is also part of the SmartWay Transportation Partnership, collaborating with the US Environmental Protection Agency to increase energy efficiency while reducing emissions.


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