UTC Power PureCell 400 Fuel Cell is now Certified FC-1 Standard

07 May 2010

UTC Power today announced that its new PureCell Model 400 fuel cell has been certified to the American National Standards Institute/CSA American Standard for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems (ANSI/CSA FC-1).  This industry standard assures customers that the UTC Power 400 kW fuel cell meets rigorous safety and performance requirements.
Certification testing was performed by CSA International, a leading provider of product testing and certification services. The organization issues certification marks for qualified products, and CSA marks are accepted by regulatory authorities in the occupational health and safety, electrical, gas, building and other fields in the United States. 

The advantages of receiving FC-1 certification include reduced cost and time of fuel cell installation; facilitation of approval by local inspectors; increased access to clean energy funding sources, and improved marketability. 



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