2012 Fuel Cell RCS Review

2012 Fuel Cell RCS Review

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Regulations, codes and standards (RCS) are a key part of the development and running of any industry. This document will look at the ways in which RCS affect fuel cells and the fuels they use as the technologies begin to commercialise. Codes and standards are influential as they feed into and form the basis for legislative regulations; it is important to look at all levels of RCS when assessing industries and technologies that are still developing.

Much work has been done, and much more is still progressing, on fuel-cell-specific RCS. These efforts are generally ‘cross-cutting’ activities, relevant to many different markets and product types. This Review gives an overview of this work categorised by broad application area and focuses on RCS that enables the sale and use of fuel cells, most specifically on the certification of fuel cell products for sale, rather than market-based policy that creates a demand for fuel cell products. Case studies are used to demonstrate how established companies have navigated this often complex and daunting landscape and brought certified products to market.


1. Introduction

1.1 Aim and Scope

1.2 Progress in Fuel Cell RCS

1.3 Global RCS Bodies

1.3.1 International Organization for Standardization

1.3.2 International Electrotechnical Commission

2. Certification

2.1 Europe

2.2 North America

Case Study: ITM Power and the Road to Certification

3. Developments in Transportation, Fuel and Infrastructure

3.1 Accepting Hydrogen as a Fuel

3.2 Global Standards

3.2.1 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

3.2.2 Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel

3.2.3 Safety, Best Practices, and Other

3.3 European Union

3.4 North America

3.4.1 Canada

3.5 Japan

Case Study: ReliOn and Conforming with Industry Standards

4. Developments in Stationary Applications

4.1 Uninterruptible Power Supplies

4.2 Prime Power

4.3 Domestic CHP

Case Study: Nedstack and Meeting a Niche Demand

Case Study: SFC Energy and Pioneering in a Sector

5. Developments in Portable Applications

6. Lessons Learnt and Concluding Remarks



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